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The Mindful Kind, hosted by Rachael Kable, shares exciting insights into mindfulness journeys and provides listeners with simple and effective practices to incorporate into their own lives.
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May 26, 2016

Welcome to episode 28 of The Mindful Kind podcast! 

In this fun, little episode, I've shared ten quirky and out-of-the-box ways you can be more mindful. Discover how to shake up your mindfulness practice and enjoy trying out some new practices!

1: Use your sense of smell

2: Sit down on your mindful walk

3: Pick yourself some flowers and use them as a mindful reminder

4: Watch jellyfish

5: Clean out your wardrobe

6: Cook a new recipe

7: Listen to a song in the bathroom

8: Cloud watch

9: Dry your hands mindfully

10: Try grounding

For more mindfulness inspiration, please head to my website at


May 19, 2016

In episode 27 of The Mindful Kind podcast, discover more about my own journey with stress, mindfulness and relationships. 

You'll learn three meaningful ways to practise mindfulness to strengthen your own relationships, including communicating your feelings regularly, seeing things from other perspectives and cultivating gratitude. 

To find out more about my upcoming Melbourne Workshop, head to

I hope you have a beautiful, mindful week!

May 12, 2016

In episode 26 of The Mindful Kind podcast, discover two powerful mindfulness practices to help you break habits and, possibly, create new ones! 

By making more conscious choices and learning to urge surf, we can empower ourselves to choose whether or not we take action on our impulses. 

Also, learn about why self-talk is so important when we're trying to change a habit!

The Mindful Kind Challenge kicks off on Monday May 16th and if you are ready to sign up and start immersing yourself in all things mindfulness (with support from me!), simply head to

Also, while you're there, sign up to my newsletter so you can access all of my free mindfulness resources, including an eBook, worksheets, a mindfulness manifesto and more! 

I hope you have a beautiful week, Mindful Kind. 

May 5, 2016

Welcome to episode 25 of The Mindful Kind podcast!

Discover why self-compassion was such an important part of my mindfulness practice, especially when I was a beginner. 

You'll also learn about three different exercises you can use to be more compassionate towards yourself, including talking kindly to yourself, writing down why mindfulness is useful to you whenever you remember to practice and letting go of hurtful thoughts. 

For more tips about letting go of hurtful thoughts, check out my blog article here:

To sign up for The Mindful Kind Challenge, click here:

And to join me for a live workshop in Melbourne about mindfulness and goal-setting, by purchasing your ticket here: 

Apr 28, 2016

Welcome to episode 24 of The Mindful Kind podcast! 

In this episode, I've shared my top ten tips for being a more mindful listener. These tips can easily be applied in every day life and can also be applied when you're providing meaningful support. 

1. Create space to listen

2. Be in the right headspace 

3. Eye contact is key

4. Use open body language 

5. Lean in

6. Use silence

7. Ask open questions

8. You don't need to fix the person or situation 

9. Check in about a self-care plan

10. Follow up

Registration is open until May 15th for The Mindful Kind Challenge at

Sign up today to secure your space in the Challenge, with 15 of my mindfulness techniques, Q and A sessions, exciting give-aways of mindfulness tools, access to my favourite mindfulness resources and daily support in the private Facebook group! 

Apr 25, 2016

Welcome to episode 23 of The Mindful Kind podcast. 

Thank you for your patience in the late release of this episode! As many of you already know, I had a challenging and emotional week last week and was unable to stick to my podcasting schedule.

However, I'm really glad I waited to share this meaningful episode with you. I'm passionate about sharing my experiences with mindfulness and I learned so much last week about connection and support, which is why I'm dedicating this episode to those topics. 

In this episode, I also announce The Mindful Kind Challenge, which you can learn more about at

This Challenge is designed to give more support and guidance to people wanting to be more mindful in simple and effective ways. Over three weeks, I'll be sharing my favourite fifteen mindfulness practices, hosting Q and A sessions, offering giveaways of mindfulness tools and sending everyone a beautiful planner to use once The Challenge is over. The Challenge will start on May 16th, so please head over and check it out if it's something you might like to be part of!

Apr 14, 2016

Discover which mindfulness practice I love (and have been doing every day for over a year!). 

In this episode, I chat about the importance of finding mindfulness practices which truly resonate with you as an individual. With so many different practices to use, I believe we can all go on our own unique journeys to create meaningful and enjoyable mindfulness routines. 

I also share an exciting discount code (just for the wonderful listeners of this podcast!) to be used on products from! 

That discount code is: themindfulkind and will earn you 20% off at checkout:) 

I hope you enjoy the episode and I would love to see your review on iTunes! 

Apr 7, 2016

In episode of 21 of The Mindful Kind podcast, I explore the power of gratitude from my own experiences. 

Find out how I shifted my mindset to appreciate the good in life and discover what that means in terms of how I feel and act. 

I also share my favourite gratitude practices and resources including:

  • Write down three things you're grateful for
  • Write down three people you would like to thank 
  • The Gratitude Journal by Natalie Fox (Second Edition)
  • Explore the best and worst parts of your day and find reasons to be grateful for both
  • The 28 Day Gratitude Project with One Infinite Life (
  • 365 Thankyous by John Kralik
  • Say a genuine and meaningful thank you to someone you know

If you enjoy this episode, please leave a review in iTunes!:) 

Apr 4, 2016

In this episode of The Mindful Kind podcast, learn how to be more mindful when you're using social media!

I've shared two wonderful contributions from listeners @heartfeltjewellery and @sarah_dillman (on Instagram), who gave their own insights into how to use social media more mindfully. 

My own tips include:

1. Really read quotes. Try writing down your favourite quotes in a blank notebook, such as the beautiful ones from Inspirationery (

2. Follow accounts you actually like! My favourite Instagram accounts include rebelandroam, photography_byron_bay, combardiselixirs, calm and thestrategylab. 

3. Schedule social media breaks. 

4. Avoid multi-tasking. 

5. Know when to stop. 

I hope you enjoy this episode and if you do, I would absolutely love to see your review on iTunes! 

Mar 31, 2016

Welcome to a special episode of The Mindful Kind podcast!

In this episode, I set my wonderful listeners a challenge- to visualise how they could use social media more mindfully and figure out their own unique ways of practising mindfulness. 

I'm so excited to hear about everyone's experiences on Instagram by tagging me (@rachaelkable) and using the hashtag #themindfulkind. 

I'll be back on Monday to share my favourite mindful tips shared by my listeners about using social media mindfully and I'll be sharing my own top five tips as well! 

Mar 24, 2016

Welcome to episode 18 of The Mindful Kind podcast.

In this episode, I share my journey with public speaking and how mindfulness helped me grow from a girl who could barely read a written presentation in front of her classmates, to confidently speaking in front of 60 women at a wellness event!

The mindful routine I used on the night was this: Breathe. Notice a colour. Notice a sound. Notice my body. Breathe. 

I mentioned my eBook, A Journey into Mindfulness: Your Twenty One Day Guide, which can be purchased from

To find out more about the gorgeous Jess, who organised the wellness event I spoke at to raise money for Camp Quality, check out her Instagram account at one_ofakindness. 

You can also find Wellineux on Instagram (@wellineux) to find out more about their wonderful Discovery Workshops and products. 

I hope you enjoy the episode and if you do, I would really love to read your review on iTunes! 

Mar 17, 2016

In this episode of The Mindful Kind podcast, I share some real examples of how mindfulness has impacted my own life in exciting ways! 

From less stress in high pressure situations to mindful eating, mindfulness has changed my life in lots of small, but meaningful, ways. 

The mindful tip for today is to find one regular activity in your own life and deliberately be mindful next time you do it! Pay attention to your senses and how it feels to complete this activity, gently bringing your mind back to the present whenever you notice it wandering. 

Mar 10, 2016

In this special episode of The Mindful Kind podcast, I chat about how to find freedom with mindfulness. 

With three tips, including taking mindful breaks and letting yourself enjoy them, recognising your strengths and listening to your wants and needs, this episode is all about creating a self-loving, understanding and compassionate mindset with mindfulness and setting ourselves free. 

I also answer another listener question about being mindful at school and I share my own journey of creating a mindful and accepting mindset. 

As always, head to for more mindfulness resources, including my free gifts collection, eBook and one-on-one sessions. 

Mar 3, 2016

In this episode of The Mindful Kind podcast, I talk about my own journey with mindfulness and sleep, from being totally frustrated by my poor sleeping habits to being able to get proper rests and wake up feeling refreshed. 

The four mindfulness techniques I cover for getting better sleep include:

  • Do a body scan (from YouTube, the Calm app or the Free Gifts page on my website)
  • Listen to white noise at night using an app
  • Practise gratitude
  • Be kind and forgiving when you notice your mind wandering


Feb 25, 2016

In episode 14 of The Mindful Kind podcast, find out how I use mindfulness to make decisions more clearly and less impulsively. 

Emotions tend to cloud our judgement so in this episode, I've shared a few ways that mindfulness can help us see past emotions to make the decisions we actually want to make. 

If you have questions about mindfulness, feel free to send them through to and I'll do my best to answer them in future episodes!

Don't forget to head to and check out the Free Gifts page for mindfulness resources, including an eBook, worksheets and special samples of my paid products. 


Feb 18, 2016

In this special episode of The Mindful Kind podcast, I've shared several of my favourite breathing techniques!

Techniques include:

  • Take a simple, deep breath
  • Spinal pearls
  • Breathe in time with running/walking
  • Soften the body with the breath before falling asleep
  • Ujjayi breathing
  • Breathe with one hand on the chest and one hand on the stomach

I also offer to answer listener questions about mindfulness! Simply email me at or find me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (simply search for Rachael Kable). 

Feb 11, 2016

This episode is all about you to use music mindfully! 

With tips like tuning into your senses, singing, and playing a mindful music game, this episode is packed with ideas for using music to be more mindful. 

I announce a special deal for the next round of Meaningful Mindfulness Sessions, where every client will receive a copy of my new eBook, 'A Journey into Mindfulness: Your Twenty One Day Guide' for free! Just head to my website at and check out the Work With Me tab and Meaningful Mindfulness Sessions to find more details. 

I hope you enjoy this episode and I'll be back next week with more mindfulness goodness! 

Feb 4, 2016

Episode 11 of The Mindful Kind podcast is about how to incorporate a mindfulness practice into a busy lifestyle! 

I share how a mindfulness practice can support you during times of stress, rather than adding yet another task on your to-do list. By incorporating mindfulness in clever, time-saving ways, we can choose to be mindful, without it taking any extra time at all!

I also share a recent experience of my own stress (yes, there were tears!) and how mindfulness helped me change my mindset with compassion and curiosity. 

I also announce the launch of my new e-book about mindfulness, A Journey into Mindfulness: Your Twenty One Day Guide, which can be found on my website at (just check out the e-books page!). 

Jan 28, 2016

Following on from the last episode about mindfulness in the workplace, episode 10 of The Mindful Kind podcast is about using mindfulness during a tough day at work. 

The five mindful tips this week focus on helping you to build resilience, manage stress and take care of your wellbeing when you're having a hard time. 

With tips including using the breath to reduce stress, getting high quality sleep and journalling mindfully at the end of the day to leave work at work, this episode is about equipping you with useful and practical tips to get through a tough work day. 

If you enjoy this episode, I would love to read your review on iTunes! 


Jan 21, 2016

Welcome to episode 9 of The Mindful Kind podcast! 

Discover 5 useful tips for bringing more mindfulness into your workplace, including using mindfulness tools, being mindful during the commute and practising gratitude. 

You'll hear about my own experiences with mindfulness at work and how I learned to refresh, re-focus, unleash creativity and increase my efficiency at work by practising mindfulness in different ways. 

At the end of the episode, I've shared how listeners can work with me one-on-one with the Meaningful Mindfulness Sessions, which you can check out at

Jan 14, 2016

Episode 8 of The Mindful Kind podcast is about using mindfulness to be more self-loving and decrease the influence of critical thoughts. 

This is a really special episode because I've shared how I overcame my own critical thoughts about public speaking to create a podcast! 

Being more mindful and in tune with our thoughts can really help us to recognise and acknowledge the thoughts which might be hurting us or holding us back. We can then choose what we want to do about those thoughts- whether we let them go, do something differently or embrace more positive ideas. 

I also announce my new and exciting Meaningful Mindfulness Sessions via Skype! These sessions are for women who want to begin or strengthen their own mindfulness practice with my one-on-one support and guidance. To check out the details for these sessions, head to and check out the Work With Me page. 

Jan 7, 2016

Episode 7 of The Mindful Kind podcast is all about creating a more mindful morning! 

Discover my favourite ways to bring more mindfulness into the beginning or your day, including tuning into the senses when you wake up, exploring mindfulness within your beauty rituals and enjoying a mindful breakfast.

In this episode, I've mentioned some wonderful mindfulness tools, including:

Aromatic Body Mist- Combardis Elixirs

Necklace- Violet Gray

Gratitude Journal- Kikki K

Dailygreatness Journal- Dailygreatness 

If you enjoy this episode of The Mindful Kind podcast, I would absolutely love to read your review on iTunes! 

Dec 31, 2015

With 8 more practical, fun and easy tips to be mindful in 2016, Part 2 of this episode is absolutely packed with mindfulness inspiration. 

Learn how to go for a mindful walk, how to journal in a mindful way and experience a guided visualisation, plus much more!

A written version of "How to be Mindful in 2016" will be published soon on my website at so you can have a reminder of all the tips I've shared. 

If you enjoy this episode, I would absolutely love to read your review on iTunes! Thank you for being one of The Mindful Kind:) 

Dec 18, 2015

Welcome to episode number 5 of The Mindful Kind podcast!

With the New Year drawing rapidly closer, I decided to create a collection of my favourite mindfulness practices for you to take into 2016. In this episode, I've chatted about eight of my mindfulness favourite practices, including how to do them and why they're useful. 

From being a mindful listener, to deep breathing, to noticing sensations in your body, I've explained really simple and practical ways to bring more mindfulness into your life. 

I hope you enjoy this episode! Look out for Part 2, which will go live on 31st December, with 8 more tips for your mindfulness practice in 2016! 

Dec 11, 2015

I'm super excited to bring this episode of The Mindful Kind to you! I've been bursting to share one of my favourite mindfulness resources with you and how I use it (and how you can, too!). 

Introducing a very special book, called Calm. Written by Michael Acton Smith, this book is a beautiful representation of mindfulness and a really useful tool in my mindfulness practice. 

In this episode, I've chatted about my favourite activity from Calm and how just reading it is a mindfulness practice in itself! 

I've got a very exciting surprise towards the end of the episode, so be sure to hang around! 

P.S Just in case you need my email address, here it is:

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